The Best Alarm Systems for Apartments

Your apartment is your home. Whether you’ve rented, leased or gone all out and bought it, it’s your home. It needs to be protected. In today’s world, apartments at the most targeted for break-ins, especially by professional burglars. These people just waltz right in and out of the buildings-some like they own the place, and others even pose as delivery personnel. They can easily get fake ID to make it into the building. As such, you need to ensure your apartment is secure. Here are the highest ranked alarm systems for apartments.

Fortress Security Store Alarm System Kit

If someone trips the alarm, you will know. You’re neighbors will know. The whole block and estate will know. The siren is extremely loud. The Fortress Security Store S02-B wireless home security alarm system kit is far from restrictive. Its user friendliness enables it to be used by anyone. Visit this website for more info: Don’t worry about the difficulties that come with installing typical alarm systems. This Fortress product is basically plug-n-play. You just set it up and you’re good to go. No wiring or technicalities is required. Any difficulties are easily sorted using the comprehensive instruction manual.

Should you need more accessories, you can order for them. Some apartment owners are not satisfied with only indoor sirens, and Fortress can provide you with outdoor sirens on order. has tons of info about security systems. The alarm system also comes with an auto dial. Forget about programming the system each time you want to leave your apartment. With this one, all you have to do is to press the ‘Away’ button. If you’re home and you want specific sections of your apartment active, you can arm them using an option provided for by your Fortress Alarm System. It’s ease of use while providing enhanced security are major reasons as to why it’s ranked amongst the best alarm systems.

ZMODO DVR CCTV Surveillance System

The ZMODO 16CH H.264 Standalone DVR CCTV Surveillance System brings to you all aspects of security in one neat package. Let’s start with the basic must-have of any credible alarm system-a remarkably loud siren. Next, it has weatherproof Bullet Sony CCD cameras and 8 Dome Sony CCD security cameras, built for the outdoors and in-house surveillance.

All video cameras come with enhanced infra-red night vision. The icing on the cake-all cameras have motion detection. This will save you time, energy and storage space when it comes to recording, as the cameras will only roll when something starts moving. Speaking of storage space, the system has a hard drive with a whopping 1TB of memory. It literally stores a month’s worth of footage. ZMODO gives you more than just an alarm system-it gets you the entire surveillance package to go with it.

You an alarm system that is home-friendly. This means that it should not require you to drill any holes into the apartment. You don’t want to get into any legal tussles with your landlord. As such, wireless systems are highly recommended. In addition, they are easy to install. Most are DIY, and you won’t require a technician to go through your home, and its 100% free installation. More than that, should you decide to move, you can pack up the alarm system and relocate without damaging any of the equipment.

Protect America Review 

How good is Protect America? Is it effective and efficient for my home’s security? How much security will it provide my home? How much will it really cost me? Will they deliver on their promises? Home security is an important tissue. Visit for more information. You want to ensure that you have only the best for the safety of your home, family and belongings. You may have numerous questions on the service delivery of Protect America. Here is a review to answer them and help you decide whether you should choose it for your security.

How the Monitoring Works

How does Protect America compare to Frontpoint Security? Find out here.

First, the types: Protect America gives you various connection types: cellular, broadband or landline. Landline is more reliable, but honestly speaking-outdated. The equipment is good, but let’s face it-wireless is the way to go today. Cellular is easy and fast but more expensive compared to broadband. So, what happens with Protect America’s systems when the alarm is triggered?

There’s a delay. Don’t get worked up just yet. The delay is very normal. All the best home security systems have it. It’s a short delay that allows you to deactivate the system like in the case of accidental alarm. Otherwise monitoring centers would be overburdened with unwarranted security calls. In the case of a real threat, you won’t deactivate the system, and the signal will get to the monitoring centre.

The monitoring station will call to verify that you need assistance. Fail to answer or provide the incorrect password, they send the police. It’s that simple. The system comes with an impressive two-way intercom. If your alarm goes off, it automatically activates, and you can call out for help. However, you should be within an optimal range of about 30 feet. The monitoring station will call you. If you fail to answer the intercom, emergency services will be at your door in minutes. That being said, Protect America comes out as very efficient.

Charges and Costs

People jump to the prospect of free security equipment that Protect America offers. Given, it’s a good marketing strategy for the company. However, you will notice that their monthly monitoring charges are a tad bit higher than those of their competitors offering similar packages. The cost of the system is spread out over a longer period of time, son in the end you will still pay for the system. However, it’s a cheaper way to secure your home without worrying of upfront costs.

Security packages range from about $20 to $43 per month (this is for landline monitoring-cellular and broadband will typically be higher). You can also customize packages and pick the one that suits you best. Protect America don’t hide charges from you. They’re so transparent that you’ll find all cost information you need directly from their website.

Installation and Set up

So long as you’ve met all necessary credit requirements and you’ve signed the 3-year contract, you get your security equipment for free.

How does Protect America compare with ADT for you security needs? The installation is a breeze-effortless and easy. Usually, all you need is to connect the backup battery to the unit, power it up and set the date and time. Next, you install the sensors on the windows and doors that you want to monitor. Then test the system and siren. Should you encounter any difficulties, the manual is enough to sort you out. The best part: since it’s all DIY, you won’t need to incur any installation costs by hiring a technician.


Protect America gives you a lifetime warranty should you stick around as a customer. This covers all the home security equipment. You need not worry about additional costs by equipment that malfunctions. Replacement parts will be shipped to you at no costs.

Home Security Systems in New York

Home security is a critical issue. Having your home is the American dream, and protecting it is more than an aspiration-it’s a necessity. Wherever you may be in New York, from Astoria and Chelsea to West Village and Yorkville, from Flatiron and Flushing, to Park Slope and Theater District, you have to secure your home. Home security systems in Rochester NY can be difficult to find. With the influx in crime, more and more security companies are offering to protect you. Consequently, they have flooded the market with their products. As such, it is difficult to choose which one suits you best. Here are the highest rated home security companies in New York so as to help you decide.

Home Security Systems in New York 

Vivint Inc.

This newbie in the home security market is one of the fastest growing security companies in USA. It has the quality of service delivery to thank for that. More and more New York residents are signing up for Vivint’s security systems. Formerly known as APX, it changed its name and enhanced its services. If you’re looking for a home security system in Buffalo, NY call Vivint.

What strikes you first is its prices. They are arguably among the highest around. But you have to take into consideration that Vivint offers completely cellular monitoring with remarkably interactive access. Your typical home monitoring will include features such as a touch screen panel, door and window sensors and even a key fob and sign at your yard. You can additionally get wireless sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, glass break sensors to even flood and freezing sensors. You can upgrade from their regular home security package and get full home automation. So, if you do look at all these and more that they offer, the price tag they put on it is pretty competitive.


Everyone in home security knows about ADT, America’s largest security company. In fact, it’s the measure to which other companies in the business are compared to. If you need a home security system in Albany NY, call ADT. It offers a vast range of home security packages, from simple and basic to complex and comprehensive. You can go the hard wired way and use landline monitoring or wireless way, with broadband or cellular monitoring. Having been around for over a century, ADT has experience and knows what to give you, and how to protect your home. It wouldn’t have survived for that long if it didn’t. However, to install the system, a technician will have to come over.

One of its neat features is ADT Pulse. What is basically does it provide you with an interactive control of your home security monitoring system. You can control what your camera records, the lighting and even door and window access at your New York home as you enjoy a margarita in the Caribbean. All using you phone.

FrontPoint Security

This one has managed to make it to the top five of nearly every security company review site on the internet. Not surprisingly, it’s here too. So what makes it tick? Why is it winning the hearts of many home owners?

To put it all in one phrase-high quality and personalized home security. Its system equipment is of high quality from GE. All its security plans use both cellular and landline monitoring, so don’t worry if your cable is cut or there is a power outage. Their basic monitoring plans include security, fire, environmental and medical protection. This covers nearly all your bases and caters for the emergencies whether you’re home or not.

Its interactive monitoring has made it a favorite, where you can remotely check your systems status, arm or disarm it through your phone, be it Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. They have really invested in their customer service to ensure that your needs are addressed as soon as you raise them. Most of the compliments about FrontPoint involve their help and support systems.

Safeguarding your New York home is vital so as to protect your family and property. Before signing into any contracts, ensure that all your queries have been answered and that you’ve understood exactly what the system will cost you. Do not rush into a decision. Take your time before deciding on a home security company.